Thursday, June 2, 2011

Delicious New Fancy Guppy

This week saw the release of a white-hot track off of Fancy Guppy's new EP With Soul and Vile. The song is called "Brunch" and showcases the mysterious group in fine form. For those unfortunate enough not to have seen this electro-orchestra's wild performances, this track serves as a perfect introduction. With its stuttering space-bass opening giving way to a thudding world percussion stomp, and its pulsating electronic climax all backed by B-movie accents, "Brunch" is a thrilling adventure all under three minutes. Be sure to look out for With Soul and Vile this fall via Fancy Guppy's label Public Records. In the meantime, treat yourself to some pain-free living:

Click here to download "Brunch"


  1. They killed it at the Battle of the Bands. They performed under the moniker "World Music," and it had a much more acoustic feel, besides some band crashing goon playing some sloppy keyboard. Good shit.

  2. Tell me Sir Nope, what is your take on the Uncertainty principle in relation to the perceived "existence" of your beloved "World Music". Furthermore, what do your buddies at world music have against music that is out of this world?