Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Beginning

For years now, an impressive cultural movement has exploded in the small Southern California city of Monrovia without recognition. Until now.

Monrovia's daring artistic revolution can no longer be kept a secret. An immense amount of creative energy is contained within the city's many marvelous musical acts, each of them pouring their very souls into their well-tempered craft. Now it is a crucial moment in history. Now it is time for the musical juggernaut to be unleashed upon the world. Now it is time for the Monrovia Renaissance.

We are committed to delivering nothing but the latest and greatest in pure electricity direct to your eardrums. Stay tuned as we delve into the musical history of the future. Join the Renaissance.

1 comment:

  1. You claim to love this "Monrovia" good fellow, but tell me my friend: If you love Monrovia so much, then why is your location listed as Los Angeles? HA! Conspiracy REVELED! Reveled in the beauty that is the Renaissance! That and I had a spot too much to drink at a neat little café in the Tattooine system entitled Cactus Cantina. The wings were good but I wouldn't touch the special, the drinks were solid, décor was homey, overall it was fine. However I must say that they have god awful hygiene standards, there was a bloody arm on the floor for heavens sake. Apparently right before I got there an old deranged sociopath was dinning with his unassuming manservant. I did not catch the name of said manservant, for I am philosophically opposed to the restraint and imprisonment of names, but I like to imagine his name was Argyle. He was a fiery, passionate, exotic lover, he would proceed to roam the galaxy in search of the long sought Hershey's kiss. Ahh Lé Kiss (Pronounced Key-ss)