Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fancy Guppy Spills Some "Miller"

A few weeks ago electro-dance mystery men Fancy Guppy gave us a taste of their upcoming EP With Soul and Vile when they dished out “Brunch,” a soul-thudding, thrill-sputtering, and deceptively short aural adventure. Following close behind that release was this weekend’s leak of a brand-new and apparently unfinished track. Suggestively titled “Miller,” the song is closely related to its predecessor yet manipulates those familiar elements into an almost hypnotic vamp. The effect of this minimalism is a song that is highly haunting and doubly danceable. While “Miller” certainly does seem a bit bare at the moment, it arrives amidst rumors that Fancy Guppy is working on a collaboration with up-and-coming hip hop sensation Bonte. This means that the song could be only a precursor to a more aggressively charged rap anthem to come. Grab the download below and speculate on the wild future sounds of tomorrow:

Click here to download "Miller"

Watch out for Fancy Guppy's With Soul and Vile, now set for release this summer from Public Records.


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