Singles Series

The Monrovia Renaissance is proud to present our very own collection of exclusive singles from the most tantalizing new bands. You can either cue up the songs here or score the free downloads for infinite listens in the comfort of your own headphones. Also, be sure to click the "Read It!" link to get the inside scoop on the future legends behind these now sounds.

The Monrovia Renaissance at SoundCloud

4. The Heepers - "My Pall Malls" b/w "I've Lost You" - Read It!

3. Deeton Slater - "Time to Tango" b/w "Estrellita" - Read It!
NOTE: Our illustrative design team did its best to reproduce Mr. Slater's hand-drawn album cover.

2. Will Cragoe - "The Optimistic Song" b/w "At the Hop" - Read It!
1. David Dirks - "Dickbong" b/w "Dayman" - Read It!