Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fancy Guppy Gets Mean, Not Really

Just an amount of time ago, Fancy Guppy released a new space-age track from their upcoming EP, With Soul and Vile. "Four Eyes" is certainly the most bubbly of the bunch, with its rudimentary backbeat and playful keyboard melody. Add a mood-twisting, eyebrow-twitching ending and what you have is the makings of a possible album-opener. The latest news from the Gup is that these releases are instrumental versions of songs that will be appearing on the now highly-anticipated album. No word yet on which rappers will be making appearances, but you can be sure we'll be the first to know. You'll be the second or third we'll tell, too. Nab "Four Eyes" from the link below and feast your ears.

Click here to download "Four Eyes"

Fancy Guppy's With Soul and Vile out soon via Public Recods. Probably.

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