Sunday, August 14, 2011

Check 'em Out: Sleepy Chameleon

The latest band to set off our radars is the hip and happening Sleepy Chameleon. We're not yet sure if dance-friendly bands with animal names are this year's trend, but we can guarantee that this group's sounds are out of this world. Sleepy Chameleon's music lies somewhere between the DJ set for the club in a daydream and the ambient sounds played in an extraterrestrial day spa. While the first part of Sleepy Chameleon's name holds true - these songs are sure to put you into a peaceful trance - the band displays little in the way of shapeshifting soundscapes. This adherence to a somewhat set formula may work to the group's advantage, however. When acclaimed electropop group Fancy Guppy took a nervous step into the dank waters of horror folk with 2006's Backwoods Melodies, the response of the group's rabid fans (particularly those from New York City) was relentless. The most vile remarks were spat upon millions of blogs, restroom stalls, and library books despite mildly warm critical reception. At the same time, The Wild Freak-Outs have found much success (both commercially and critically) in their many ventures into other genres, especially with 2008's electric double LP Oh My Holy Pizza. Either way, hop on over to Sleepy Chameleon's SoundCloud page and let your brain do the hustle or get a massage from a Martian. No happy endings though.


  1. I would love to see these guys live if they a get a local show going sometime.

  2. i think you may have mistaken sleepy chameleon for fancy guppy at one point in your article?

  3. I was just remarking that perhaps Sleepy Chameleon was right in sticking to one sound despite their shape-shifting name based on Fancy Guppy's failure when experimenting with other genres. I'll try to write a little clearer next time.